Test of Skill - Furious Heights - Feb 10th

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Welcome to the first of seven round robin events! These events will take place approximately twice a month over the next eleven weeks(taking in account for National Holidays). Every week we will host a single map round robin event. You will play every player that has signed up for the event on the chosen map for that week. Participant cap each week will be 16, once the cap is reached, additional participants will be added to a wait list. Players will receive points for participating, and winning. At the end of these Round Robin Events we will take the top ten players with the highest points and host a ten player best of three event, the finals will be a best of five! The maps for the finals will be the ones from the Round Robin events, there will be no surprise maps added to this event. 

 Chosen Maps(All events begin @ 7:00pm EST)

    1. Furious Heights - February 10th
    2. Bloodrun - February 17th
    3. Dismemberment - March 3rd
    4. Hektik - March 10th
    5. Aerowalk - March 24th
    6. Sinister - April 7th
    7. Lost World - April 21st

Point Structure

  • Win - 2 Points
  • Loss - 1 Point
  • Forfeit - 1 Point(This point goes to the player that showed for the match)


  • All players must record a demo, in case there is a dispute in regards to fair play.
  • All players must try to play on a server in which there pings are as close as possible. Please respect all opponents while playing.
  • All players must record there correct scores after finishing there matches in a timely manor.
  • If a player has not shown up for a match within 15 minutes of the scheduled time for that match they will be Forfeit Lost.
  • If you are on a private server with a password and the games are being streamed/casted please inform an admin of the server location and password.
  • Matches chosen to be casted cannot start until the caster is in the server and ready.
  • All players must check in, or they will have there spot taken by a wait listed player. Check in will be hosted on IRC Webchat and will begin one hour before the start of each event at 6:00pm EST. 
Streaming and Casting
  • Live streaming and casting can be found on the Targetquake Productions site on the day of the scheduled events. I will also have guest casters throughout these events.
Tournament Standings
  • All players and the points they gather will be hosted on the Targetquake Productions site located here.


Überragender Champion: apparition_
Würdiger Gegner: _flow
Vielleicht nächstes Mal: Seinfeld_Curse


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1 apparition_ 3 - 0 - 0 0 3 0 43
2 _flow 2 - 1 - 0 0 2 0 40
3 Seinfeld_Curse 1 - 2 - 0 0 1 0 18
4 shux 0 - 3 - 0 0 0 0 6